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5 Axis Laser Cutting / Flatbed Cutting.

5 Axis Laser Cutting with the Trumpf 7040 now at Birmingham Prototypes.

Situated in a brand new unit, acquired specifically to accommodate the Trumpf 7040, BPL can meet your manufacturing requirements from one offs to thousands of production parts to schedule.

 5 axis laser Cutting/ Flatbed cutting

5 Axis LaserĀ Cutting/ Flatbed Cutting capabilities:

  • Trimming formed panels to CAD
  • Flat Blanks
  • Product inspected on site at BPL via Laser scanning to CAD or drawing
  • 24 hour operating capacity
  • Maintains 0.1mm tolerance
  • Prototyping
  • Production volumes
  • High quality burr free finish

 5 axis laser / Flatbed cutting

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